A communications agency that helps you
earn attention and satisfy customers.


A company is nothing without a reason to be. Ours is simple.

We help great businesses earn attention and satisfy customers.

Real communication is fuelled by something worth saying.

What makes Augur different?

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The world doesn't need
another old-fashioned PR agency.



It all starts with context. Look outside yourself at the bigger picture and you can begin to understand where there's space to say something new. Listen to your customers and audience and you'll earn the attention you deserve.


Creativity is a given -- but genuine creation is still too rare. The best companies establish new assets that serve them and their customers with increasing value over time. Campaigns, information sources, intellectual property, the sky's the limit.


Everyone is obsessed with the idea that content is king. We disagree -- it's the editor's pawn. Without a clear point of view, fresh insight, most "content" today is anonymous slurry. We can do better and it starts by understanding what matters to you.


Trying to achieve today's goals with yesterday's tools is a sure route to madness. We do reporting though Asana, documents in Google Drive and meetings through Google Hangouts. This is an age of APIs and RTFM, not dumb PDFs and duplication.

Who does Augur work with?

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The augurs interpreted the will of the gods
through the movement and patterns of birds


BC Social
The CWC Group

The Team


Strategy, campaigns, planning

Influencers, Community, Social

Content development

Building things, branding, search

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Take your lead from the context
that surrounds you -- customers, audiences, data.


Why Augur?

PR has become a much maligned industry. And perhaps there’s some fairness to the criticism. Over the last 100 years, its “two-way street” origin decayed into something designed to match broadcast media’s growth with scalable profitability.

I think we can do better. I think good PR is about doing something so interesting or so much better that people can’t help but talk about it — not trying to fake it.

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